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CCS Trade Professional
Sales, accounting and administration System for trading and importing and exporting Products.

CCS Enterprise is a total management software that enable intensive stock administration, import and export, and customer order management with business performance measurement capabilities.

One of the financial controllers said, "Mastering front-end invoicing process and managing stock at the warehouse is challenging, we need a fast and efficient invoicing system to take care of tens to hundreds of invoices everyday while managing stock in multi-currencies."

Speed up your invoicing and delivery operations by CCS Enterprise sales order processing system or import your order through PDA devices. This will save time to process the customer order and deliver the order to the customer more efficiently.

Additional function on stock batch tracing, multiple unit of measurement, exchange rate handling will allow accurate monitoring of stock status well as your business. CCS Enterprise Trade Pro have special features which can handle free gifts, stock merge, write down, mark down and sales returns.

Daily business analysis such as profit margin, sales turnover, inventory status and customer payment status are on line and up to date. Finding out the best selling item and the list of highest re-ordered item allows you to have the most accurate information in growing your business. Special cost of goods sold tracing against actual invoice report in original currencies. Special graphic reports are produced into CCS Sales Analysis system for gross profit.

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