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CCS Enterprise» Success Story of I&K

As part of the Kato Metal Group, Trading Industry, I&K (S) Pte Ltd import and export electrical, mechanical and plastic parts around the Asia Pacific Region. With their headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan and a strength of 60 highly qualified engineers around the world, I&K Singapore is a major supplier of precision parts in the high tech industry arena. I&K required a well-integrated and user-friendly software to manage both their accounts , sales, inventory and logistics.

Figure 1: I&K Headquarter in Japan

Company Background

Interviewing a 13 year CCS Enterprise user is delightful and resulted in a lot more pleasant experience. Before CCS Enterprise was introduced, I&K used many different pieces of software for business management. Problems like duplicate entry and missing links happened so often that reporting was a very time consuming process. Management were concerned about the accuracy of the information. Mr. Takuji Yokotani and his team of staff decided on CCS Enterprise in 1991. I&K's decision saved thousands of hours since then.

Situations were improved tremendously right after CCS Enterprise had been implemented. CCS Enterprise's process flow streamlined I&K's inventory and invoicing operation. Each department carried out their function, and yet stayed informed. Data were centralised and reliable.

As the major business transactions are in multi-currencies, CCS Enterprise's dual currency report not only delivers a clean GST report, it gives management a concise report of cash flow, profitability and clear gain/loss in exchange for every order.

After preparing the sales order and invoice, delivery orders are automatically generated to the warehouse for dispatching. The inventory operation is on-line and provides sales team the most up-to-date stock status.

"With its comprehensive debtors/sale detail summary report,
it enables the management team to analyse payment, credit term
and sales performance. This information is up-to-date, we just
print report before we go for our company meeting."

-Hooi Hwa, Finance Manager I&K Singpaore
Figure 2: I&K Staff In Singapore
The Finance Department -
Madam Hooi Hwa at the far back partition.

Benefits from Using CCS Enterprise

The budgeting function in CCS general ledger can be allocated by yearly and distributed by monthly basis. Sales and accounting reports always come on time for management to resolve problem.

As a material supplier, I&K has a large multi-currency trading account. "The GST report and accounts budgeting functions are useful", Hooi Hwa said.

As a whole, I&K see CCS Enterprise as reliable and flexible enough for further expansion. On top of that, CCS Enterprise provides I&K support and maintenance contract that provides version upgrades. Users can now focus on business development without worrying about computer problems. The whole system reduces unnecessary costs in the ever changing business environment.

I&K sees an IBM x206 server with MS Windows 2000 server and an HP DAT for data backup and CCS Enterprise suite of distribution modules.

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